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Deoxyarbutin (D-arbutin)

Product Name: Deoxyarbutin (D-arbutin)

CAS No. 53936-56-4

Formula: C11H14O3

Molecular Weight: 194.23

Specification: 99% Deoxyarbutin

Testing Method: HPLC

Apperance: White or off-white powder


1.Deoxyarbutin can improve the metabolism of sunburn skin caused by radiation.

2.Deoxyarbutin can evidently diminish the pigmentation caused by ultra-violet radiation.

3.Deoxyarbutin restrains the melanogenesis through the cells poisoning reaction on melanin cells, and the blocking mechanism on tyrosinase.

4.Deoxyarbutin can diminish the senile yellowish brown plaque, also effective for lentigines diminishing.

More about Deoxyarbutin powder:Deoxyarbutin is the most effective and efficient skin lightening at present, deoxyarbutin is a compound new skin lightening ingredient, can effectively inhibit tyrosinase activity and melanin synthesis to get significant and lasting lightening effects.

Deoxyarbutin is safer, more stable, less cytotoxic, less irritating to skin and better absorbed. For skin lightening effect, deoxyarbutin is 350 times more effective than arbutin, 150 times more effective than kojic acid, 10 times more effective than hydroquinone. Most important, 3% deoxyarbutin topical treatment in a human clinical trial resulted in a significant or slight reduction in overall skin lightness.