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Cassia Angustifolia

Problem Name:Cassia Angustifolia

Specification: 8%, 10%, 20% Sennosides

Test Method: HPLC

Color: light brown powder

Application :

1. In food field, senna tea is widely used to treat constipation.

2. In health product field, added into health products to relaxing the bowels.

3. In pharmaceutical field, for the treatment of acute pancreatitis, bacillary dysentery and cholecystitis


1. With the function of laxation, which will facilitate water;

2.With the function of relaxating muscle;

3. With the function of antibacterial, such as inhibiting staphylococcus aureus,salmonella typhi and escherichia coli;

4. Increasing platelet and fibrinogen, which will help stop bleeding.