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Nomame Semaherb P.E.

Product name: Nomame Semaherb P.E.

Latin name: Cassia nomame(Sieb) Kitagawa.

Active ingredient: Flavanol

CAS No.: 487-25-2

Molecular formula: C17H19NO3

Molecular weight: 285.34

Specification: Flavanol 8%, 20%

Appearance: Yellow-brown powder

Odor: Characteristic


Maintaining the blood vessels healthy and normal blood pressure;

Reducing the adhesion of blood platelets and maintaining healthy blood flow;

Flavanols can also serve as an antioxidants to maintain a healthy heart;

Flavanone is also a natural lipase inhibitor.


Pharmaceutical as capsules or pills;

Functional food as capsules or pills;

Water-soluble beverages