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Name: L-Arginine Powder

Grade: Pharmaceutical grade

Standard: USP

MF: C6H14N4O2

Molecular weight: 174.2

CAS: 74-79-3

EINECS: 200-811-1

FEMA: 3819

Assay: 98.5%~101.5%

Brief Introduction:L-alanine is important raw material for the synthesis of VB6,nutrition agent for the pure amino acids nutrition infusion components,one of L-alanine as the main component of the amino acid injection 800 attending liver, brain and prompted hepatic coma patients to quickly, and at the same time, is also a kind of diuresis medicine

Main Functions:

1.L-alanine is main raw material for VB6 and L-alaninol. And it is raw material to compose amino acid injection and orally-taken fluid.

2.L-alanine is added in chemistry seasoning, drinks, organic acid, wine and salted food. As one important additive

3.L-alanine has the fuction of keeping fresh.